Centra Capital Investments has served hundreds of companies with over
$1 billion in loans

$950,000 Loan in Clifton, NJ

Centra successfully provided a rapid cash-out on a client's warehouse, enabling investment in a multifamily project, despite the reluctance of traditional banks to finance such assets.

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$700,000 Loan in Rochester, NY

When Citizens Bank put their branch building up for sale in Brockport, Rochester our borrower saw the opportunity in this prime piece of real estate.

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$2,200,000 Loan in Rushville, NY

CCI approved a loan within 24 hours to complete contruction for an upmarket residence on the Canandaigua Lake.

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$1,800,000 Loan in Houston, TX

Real estate was booming in Houston's town center. Within a week we approved a loan to purchase and flip this three story, multi-use property.

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$4,850,000 Loan in White Plains, NY

With only 2 weeks left to secure a bridge loan. Centra Capital gave them the time they needed to get final approvals and plans in place.

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$4,700,000 Loan in Lebanon, NJ

With holidays approaching the borrower had only one week to retain their discount. CCI made it happen in 4 days.

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$1,450,000 Loan in Bridgeport, CT

The borrower needed a quick, non-complicated $1.45M loan. Centra Capital funded the deal in two weeks.

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$500,000 Land Loan on Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn

When no other lenders would allow the borrower to cash out on their Brooklyn property for the down payment, CCI gave the loan in 3 weeks.

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$4,200,000 Assisted Living Loan

Centra Capital closed a $4,200,000 loan to an assisted living facility.

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$7,700,000 Construction Loan For 193 Henry Street, NY

The first modular housing development on the Lower East Side, funded by CC, has completed with the loan fully paid off.

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$6.5 Million Loan in the US Virgin Islands

The property has direct beachfront access in a secluded bay on the Caribbean.

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$2.5 Million Construction Loan in Totowa, New Jersey

Property will be used for catering/banquet hall overlooking Manhattan skyline

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$3 Million Loan in Syracuse, NY

CC helps fund the renovation of one of the most prominent buildings in downtown

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$2.125 Million Deal in Washington, D.C.

CC helps fund the construction of a rental apartment complex in one of the most desired areas in Washington.

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$1.08 Million loan in Bayside, Queens, NY

High end residential neighborhood Bayside, Queens NY

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